Thursday, December 9, 2010


Social bullying is like all other types of bullying and can even turn out to have alot worst impacts on the victims. This type of bullying consists of rumors, ignorance and even rejection can be included in this type of bullying. This type of bullying is mostly encountered in high schools in most of these cases. It is more common in high school because it is the period in which your body encounters alot of physical changes. This is where the bullies will completely take advantage of the situation.In most cases the only reason the will do so, is either to get attention or popularity and even sometimes both.This type of bullying can appear worst then the others because not only are you getting bullied and bothered repetitively but you also get humiliated in public which enriches the consequences.
Anecdote/Example:You enter a new school . You are then known as the new kid. You are then a perfect target to this type of bullying, you have one reason the bully would make fun of you. After a while, during lunch time there is a group of people near by the bully will then come to insult you to get attention and humiliate you.That is when you have encountered social bullying.

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