Sunday, December 19, 2010

Effects of social bullying

Social bullying in one of the worst type of bullying.If you thought that the effects will disappear as soon thant you find a career, you are terribly wrong. For a victim, the impact of being constanly reduced in front of others is way more deap-seated than a few bruises on the face. It can cause bigger problems, like anxiety and depression. Profesionals confirm that the memories of social bullying can be the cause of these serious problems in the early adulthood. Being anxious or depressed can cause problems with society, like having trouble with making friends or finding a career. In worst cases, it can be the cause of extreme consequences, such as suicide. All these consequences are caused by a low self-estime and confidence.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Social bullying effects

Social bullying can have terrible consequences on the bullied kids. They often have to choose between being bullied or becoming a bad kid. To get their social statue up, kids are most of  the time willing to do anything. First of all, they will probably totally change their attitude to be like all the others, more popular kids. To do so, they need to stop focusing on studying and their grades can drop from good to horrible. When the kid getting bullied is finally accepted in the group of kid that rejected him, he often stops hanging out with his real friends and starts social bullying them. That's how you can see a kid becoming bad, even though he used to be a really good kid. All of this because of social bullying.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

About Our Site...

Aserious matter: social bullying!
Bullying is very common in schools. Especially in high-schools. Our site will be demonstrating the effects, consequences and definition of social bullying. We will also show you how to deal with our social bullying. We're also going to talk about how social bullying can influence a teenager's life.. especially girls. We're trying to help people who are encountering this serious matter. We encourage kids who are getting bullied to SPEAK UP! The reason we created this blog-site is because social bullying very present in our every day lives.

Social bullying.. more often seen among teenage girls!?

Social bullying is incredibly common. Especially among teenage girls. This sort of bullying is just as damaging as physical violence. Social bullying usually takes place withing groups. For example, if someone doesn't like a particular person, that someone can turn an entire group against that person. Sometimes, bystanders don't realise that by supporting the ''leader'', they are just as guilty. It is important to know that in such cases, the excuse: ''kids will be kids'', does not apply. Rejecting isn't the only issue. To young girls, shunning, whispering and mean looks are also a way to gain social power. In other words, popularity. Adults don't always see this happening. It is extremely important to speak up if you're being bullied.
REMEMBER: It's nice to be important,
                      but its more important to be nice!


Social bullying is like all other types of bullying and can even turn out to have alot worst impacts on the victims. This type of bullying consists of rumors, ignorance and even rejection can be included in this type of bullying. This type of bullying is mostly encountered in high schools in most of these cases. It is more common in high school because it is the period in which your body encounters alot of physical changes. This is where the bullies will completely take advantage of the situation.In most cases the only reason the will do so, is either to get attention or popularity and even sometimes both.This type of bullying can appear worst then the others because not only are you getting bullied and bothered repetitively but you also get humiliated in public which enriches the consequences.
Anecdote/Example:You enter a new school . You are then known as the new kid. You are then a perfect target to this type of bullying, you have one reason the bully would make fun of you. After a while, during lunch time there is a group of people near by the bully will then come to insult you to get attention and humiliate you.That is when you have encountered social bullying.

Advice and solutions

                  Advice and solutions

When bullying occurs there are always solutions and advice.  You should tell your parents so that they are aware of the current situation.  Bullies usually target the people who seem weak.  When a kid gets bullied he or she usually starts a habit of looking at the floor.  This helps the bully to perceive you as weak. 

        The solutions:
     -   Don’t look at the floor.
-       You should try to avoid the bully. 
-       You should always be with a friend.   Bullies don’t usually attack two people at the same time.
-        Bullies thrive on anger.  If you show him that you’re upset, he will know that he is getting to you.  The best thing to do is to ignore the comments and keep a “poker face”.
-        Don’t bring things the bully would want. It will encourage him to keep intimidating you.
-        If all fails, you may use a mild insult.  Bullies usually have a low self-esteem and don’t expect to be insulted by someone.  Insults cause the bully to feel self-conscious.  But it allows the bullied person or victim to appear strong and not affected by the bully.  Thus the bullying eventually stops.